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About Misha Films

Misha Films capture the beautiful moment of the life. Misha Films is one of the photo and video production company making custom-made photos and videos as per your demands as customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We expertise in providing photos and videos of several genres be it a wedding occasion or for the corporate world or any special gift for your loved ones. Misha Films provide the services in wedding, corporate events, YouTube events and many more, and fashion, baby, product photoshoot etc.  No occasion is complete without a gift and no event is a success without the invites.


Jitender has an experience of over 26 years in Photography and Videography. He has covered more than 100 wedding for different cultures and traditions. He use to shoot both photos and videos for an events like Mehdi, Sagan, Chudha and Wedding Day etc. He also love to learn new things like about software and different techniques on editing table as well as on the field. He is also having an experience of video editing, color grading and graphic designing (album design).

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Vaibhav has done his B.Tech from one of the best institutes in Delhi, Northern India Engineering Collège Delhi. After working as a Engineer for one  year he quit his job to take Misha Film to the next level. He was having interest in the Photography and Cinematography  since  his college time. He and his friend also had a production Company which is used to shoot the cover songs for the clients. And also used to shoot the Youtube videos for his YouTube Channel which is based on the Funny Content. He has a very creative eye and a knack for finding the the perfect moment. He loves learning about latest gadgets, equipment and techniques.