Portfolio - Wedding

Misha Films takes developing a unique style of film making that takes you back to your wedding day every time time you watch it!  We try to create something that you can watch again and again and not get bored.  

Our cinematographers shoot in a manner that is obstructive and capture moments, details, emotions at your wedding that you will not even remember beautifully.  Our expert panel of editors then combine these moments with perfect music and voice over to weave your story ! 

Watch some of our films to understand our style.  Each film that you watch will have a style of its own and resonate the personality of the couple and the vibe of the wedding.  Links are given below to the trailers.  Our long films are at extension of trailers and tell the complete story following the same style of editing.


Misha Film style of photography is a mixture of stunning portraiture, grand imaginary and heartfelt nature moments that are frozen in time. We have developed this own styles over the years, shooting wedding for different cultures, traditions and take pride in capturing moments that in the blink of an eye.  During the ceremonies and events, we shoot in a photo journalists manner, from a distance and don't miss out a small details like a teardrop, laughter's, euphoria at the same time capturing the grand moments like bridal entry first dance, etc.  Each frame is well thought of, every single photograph is post process and no matter is missed! We are also expert in editorial styles portraiture and our couple shoot photographs look like that they are straight out of a album book.

Use the filters below to browse to some of our best work to get a comprehensive story of a particular wedding, please go through our wedding stories.